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World Leader of Frangible Packaging



For decades Burst Pouch® has continued to be the fastest growing national and international company supplying one, two and three component flexible packaging with frangible seals for liquids, powders, and pastes. Our innovations and product development are unmatched.
Our staff has more than 60 years of experience in multi-component flexible packaging. Our research and development team has designed cutting edge packaging technology giving our customers the newest, most advanced and varied frangible seal packaging products in the industry. The most important technological breakthroughs in this industry were pioneered in our labs for our customers. 
Our products are used in aerospace, semiconductor, medical, industrial and retail applications throughout the world.  Burst Pouch® products are used for simple repair kits to complex military specified applications.
Our offices are located in Hampton, New Hampshire, which is just a short jog north of the Boston MA metro.  Our proximity to Boston allows us to have the capability to quickly ship anywhere in the world.  We remain dedicated to providing exceptional quality products with unmatched customer satisfaction. We look forward to meeting the challenges and needs of your unique packaging requirements. 
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